Vision & Mission

What We Seek to Accomplish & What We Pursue to Do So

Mission Statement

“To infiltrate every part of society through living questionable lives that evoke curiosity about the message, surprises our neighbors with our unlikely lifestyle and devoting ourselves to sacrificial acts of kindness. We will become the most stunningly different people anyone has ever seen and thereby make the teaching about Jesus attractive.”

What Kind of Life Will Evoke Questions?
There is a communication theory that states when predictability is high, impact is low. If the audience thinks it knows what you’re going to say, and you say it, it makes little impact. However, if the audience is surprised or intrigued, they will ponder what they’ve heard.

A believer’s life should arouse curiosity, which leads to questions and opportunities to share their faith.

Philanthropy by Christians is commonplace. It doesn’t surprise the world. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, but we must develop a new set of rhythms or habits that foster a lifestyle that intrigues others. It is not simply doing the occasional, somewhat surprising thing, but is a powerful integration of faith and action which are impossible to separate.

James said it this way: “Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds” (James 2:18). Faith is not an act, a single choice, or even just a belief system; it is a habit. Our mission is to enable every follower of Jesus to become a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus by way of their lifestyle. This mission is not doctrinal; it is devotional. It is a strategy that creates a result that everyone can experience. It recognizes that only God can make the church grow (1 Cor 3:7) and that our invitation is to both announce and demonstrate the reign of God through Jesus.

Our mission is not concerned with church growth – it is concerned with the reign and rule of Jesus. When our lives become questionable, our neighbors invite us to proclaim the reign of God.

Vision Statement

“Our task is to surprise the world.”

“Then they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive in every way” (Titus 2:10).

Coming at the end of a “list of rules,” this statement by Paul is not given as a way to live in order to win mercy. That was accomplished through Jesus. We are to live this way in order to make the teaching about Jesus attractive. That is not to say we make it acceptable; to the contrary, we demonstrate it’s seeming impossibility to embrace. Nothing was more questionable, or impossible, than a slave who loved his master, or a self-controlled young man, or an old woman who didn’t engage in slander.

It was a “recipe” for a questionable life in the first century. Our challenge is to find what questionable lives look like in the 21st century.

Our vision sees ordinary believers infiltrating every part of society. We desire to:
• LIVE the kind of questionable lives that evoke curiosity about the message
• SURPRISE our community with our unlikely lifestyle
• DEVOTE ourselves to sacrificial acts of kindness, love our enemies, forgave our persecutors, care for poor and feed the hungry.

Our vision is to become the most stunningly different people anyone has ever seen.