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You Need to Belong

B-Groups (short for “Belong” Groups) at The Message are the heart of its existence. They meet weekly in homes, on the job, or at any other convenient location. The meeting format provides members with an intimate setting where they can grow in their relationships with both God and other people.

B-Groups are all about community. They create an environment where people are connected to one another for the purpose of intimately knowing God, helping those whose lives are broken, and developing true community.


A B-Group is an expression of Biblical community. They model the cells pictured in Acts 2 where the community of the followers of Jesus had a passion for Yahweh,  a commitment to one another, a desire to grow spiritually, and a heart for the those who hadn't encountered Jesus.

Our cell groups consists of 5-15 people and thrive on LIFE; because it has life, it grows. As a B-Group grows, it multiplies by giving birth to new cells, which give birth to more groups, just like a body does. A B-Group is the means by which the work and life of the church is creatively carried out by the members.

"You know that I taught you in public and in your homes." –Acts 20:20

In his book, “The Bride: Renewing Our Passion for the Church,” Charles Swindoll describes the life of the early church: “What a scene! Here in ancient Jerusalem was a group of believers whose worship was spontaneous, whose instruction was substantial, whose fellowship was genuine, and whose expressions were compassionate. No wonder so many new folks were attracted! It is no surprise to me that the Lord added to their number day after day.” He further adds that the church of today should find the same intimate, personal dynamic, and, in doing so, “creates such a magnetism that the church becomes irresistible. And then? Well, then we start becoming what the church was originally designed to be — irresistible!"

A Belong-Group isn’t just a Bible study, though Bible study is a vital part; it isn’t just getting together, though time together is critical; nor is it merely an end in itself, but a means of experiencing the wonder of heaven, now. Everything in life revolves around relationships — everything! The most important relationship is a personal relationship with Abba through His Son — a vertical relationship. Yet, if we are so “heavenly-focused” that we become no earthly good, how legitimate is that vertical relationship? Horizontal relationships not only bring balance to the here and now, but they are the thrust of the vertical one. And the best horizontal relationships are the connections to experience life with others, to become connected with others in a basic believer’s community – what we refer to as B-Groups.

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Why Join a B-Group?

What’s the Big Deal?

Have you ever wanted to have a friend who really knew you and would understand you at the deepest personal level? That's the big deal!

Cell Group/Small Group?

You will often hear the terms “small groups” and “cell groups” used interchangeably. So what’s the difference?


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