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“When I live out of discipline, I’m admired – When I live out of passion, I’m contagious.” –Bill Johnson

Copernicus vs Geocentrism

Jesus died for everybody so that they wouldn’t continue to focus on themselves but on him. This is in such stark contrast to the gospel that is lived today which puts us at the center. It’s incredible how difficult it is to break free of the gravity of that gospel.

Belong Groups

Everybody wants to belong. In a day when isolation has become the norm and “social” media is making real social interaction a rarity, the appeal of community is stronger than ever. Our Belong groups are the catalyst for real interaction to be born.

Welcome to The Message!

What a joy it is to introduce you to our church community! You’ll discover that our passion is to provide a place where people just like you can have a life-changing experience with God and be genuinely infused into a community of people.